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Welcome to EndorphinsRG!!! We are glad to see you here. When it comes to weight loss and fitness, most of us look for a program which is easy to follow. As every person is unique, we subscribe a perfect balance of healthy meal plan and workout schedule as per the client's body parameters which can be easily adopted in our daily hectic schedules. As we always say, you don't have to eat less; you just have to eat right. Balanced nutrition is the key to achieve optimum fitness. With the same program, I could lose my 19 kgs and Gandhar could lose 12 kgs. Come over and join us by clicking the APPLY NOW button and get the best results ever..!!
Rutika Chaubal and Gandhar Chaubal,
Fitness with Endorphins Coach
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What You Get In The Fitness with Endorphins
Online Programme

#1: Meal Plans and Nutrition

  • ​Meals plans according to your food preferences
  • ​Nutrition recommended as per your need and goals.
  • ​Shopping lists
  • ​​Dining out options
  • ​Recipes and easy meal ideas

#2: Exercise & Lifestyle Improvement

  • ​Video tutorials for all exercises on your phone
  • ​Daily workout plans for home or gym
  • ​Mobility, strength and cardio workouts
  • ​Walking-running plans for fat loss

#3: Follow-up & Accountability

  • ​Regular weight and measurement checks, and journaling
  • ​Weekly Zoom call for motivation, problem solving and action plan for the week
  • ​24X7 WhatsApp support for daily support
  • ​Access to our Private Facebook Community

#4: Education & Know-how

  • ​Ongoing support for all members, past and current
  • ​Weekly live sessions for educational snippets about nutrition and fitness
  • ​Weekly sharing of recipes, exercises, tips and tricks for weight maintenance

Transformation Stories at EndorphinsRG

Being an IT professional, every day was hectic for me. Also losing my weight and looking beautiful had gone on a toss. My mother brought me at EndorphinsRG for a weight loss program. I could adopt the diet and workout plans very easily due to which I thoroughly enjoyed the process. I have not only achieved weightloss but also amazing fitness levels and am looking younger.
Yashashree Kolhe (Age-22, Fat loss-12 kgs)

I was searching for a weightloss program to get rid of the extra kilograms i was carrying. I met my doctor friend who inspired me a lot by his transformation. I immediately decided to visit EndorphinsRG and start the weightloss program. Their personalisation in meal plans and workouts, close follow up, discipline and thorough knowledge about health and fitness helped me to achieve my transformation. I am really happy about the results i got.
Dr.Mangesh Sagale (Age-45, Fat loss-10 kgs)

Due to my gained weight, I had gone into depression. I had lost my confidence and was even unable to talk to anyone. My family doctor suggested me to visit EndorphinsRG and it became a life changing moment for me. Lots of motivation and inspiration along with the caring relationship with my coach helped me to open up. As I started losing my weight, I became more confident and more energetic. Now, I am so happy that so many people recognize me for my transformation and I have become an inspiration for many.
Saleha Khan (Age-38, Fat loss-17 kgs)

Being a housewife and a mother of 3 kids, I was absolutely not able to take care of myself. Low energy levels and increased weight had become my concern. The main issue was, I started looking much older than my husband which was troubling me a lot. But I am so glad that with the help of EndorphinsRG, I got this amazing transformation. The interesting part was I didn't have to cook anything extra for myself rather, their cooking tips has given me the opportunity to cook healthy food for my family also.
Harshita Agarwal (Age-34, Fat loss-14 kgs)

After my bypass surgery, doctor had recommended me to reduce my physical activities which lead to weight gain. I tried different diets but those were not giving me results. Thank God, I came to know about EndorphinsRG, where I got an amazing guidance on diet and easy walking techniques due to which i lost weight, my stamina improved and now I walk 5-6 kms every single day.
Jalinder Javalekar (Age-57, Fat loss-13 kgs)

I was the one who decided to join the program just to support my husband in his weightloss. However, after visiting EndorphinsRG and talking to my coach I realized, that for healthy aging and to avoid any health problems which might occur due to excess weight, I too have to lose my extra fat. They guided us very well, specially in how to manage the diet and exercise during travelling. I am so happy, that now due to improvement in flexibility, I can do all Yoga poses including Shirshasan.
Shobha Javalekar (Age-49, Fat loss-12 kgs)

Being doctors by profession, both of us always used to search for a weightloss program which has a scientific base and was also result-oriented. After joining the program, having our own pathology lab, we regularly did our blood tests and lipid profiling every month and we observed a good change in our lipids. At EndorphinRG, we not only achieved weightloss, but now that we have fallen in love with fitness. Now I run 10 kms in less than 60 mins and Yogita could recently do the Mansarovar Trek. She also won the title of Ms.Beautiful Lady in one beauty contest.
Dr.Yogita and Dr.Suhas Lunkad

Being a beautician, looks and figure always mattered to me. because of untimely eating pattern and erratic lifestyle, I had started putting on more weight. So, I decided to join endorphinsRG where they designed meal plans and workout plans as per my work schedule. Due to which I could achieve my fantastic transformation. my words are not enough to thank Rutika and Gandhar for helping me achieve my goal.
Gauri Pande (Age-34, Fat loss-6 kgs)

Being a CA student, I had to study for many hours continuously along with having sleepless nights due to studies. I had started putting on weight and used to have no energy for studying. As every girls wants to look beautiful, so did I. I decided to lose my weight and visited EndorphinsRG, where I used to send my meal photos and post workout photos to my coach. They taught me how to eat guilt-free, how to manage cheat meals and made my diet interesting. Now I am more fit and also look more beautiful.
Samruddhi Sukale (Age-19, Fat loss-10 kgs)

Being a single parent, I being healthy for my children was always my priority. After looking at my friend's transformation, I got to know about EndorphinsRG. Not only weightloss, but at this age I also have better fitness levels. I am so glad that I can do 45 minutes HIIT Workouts and 50+ Suryanamakar easily.
Neha Kale (Age-51, Fat loss-12 kgs)

I was severely suffering from IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) due to which I always had low energy issues. I was always reluctant to try new things and also used to think a hundred times before eating anything. This developed many deficiencies in my body. EndorphinsRG was the place where I got proper guidance about my diet, considering my digestion problem, and I could achieve a healthy weightloss. Thanks to RG (Rutika Gandhar).
Snigdha Kelaskar (Age-43, Fat loss-12 kgs)

What Some Of Our Clients Have To Say...

Are You...

  • Struggling to lose weight, stubborn fat and inches?
  • ​Want to know "how" to lose weight and maintain it instead of just getting a "one-time" plan?
  • ​Want a real "coach" who you can speak with from time to time rather than following a pre-designed programme?
  • ​Too busy to spend time in the gym or cook separately for yourself?
  • ​Struggling to learn how to enjoy social settings with your spouse, family, or friends without feeling the guilt of falling off track?
  • ​Just feeling confused with "Yes carbs or no carbs, Do I really need protein, My metabolism is slow, Should I do cardio or weights, Do I eat 2 times a day or 4 times a day" ... we'll tell you what is fact, vs fiction for YOU!
  • Sick and tired of looking at awesome bodies on Instagram and feeling frustrated?
  • ​Looking for guidance, support and encouragement rather than some challenge or magic diet?
  • ​​If you've answered YES to any of these questions, we want to speak with you! If you qualify, we'll hold a brief 1-1 call to discuss your future, and determine if this is the right fit for you. Just click below to apply!

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